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[click image for full story]...The "Folk From Polk" brand's mission is to utilize our merchandise as a means of educating the masses in regards too the people and places of Polk County, Fl.  Polk County boasts significant contributions in significant areas such as Agriculture, Business, Education, Science, The Arts, and Sports.  The concepts featured in our "PhosFate Collection" will pay homage to these historic and current prolific figures.

The "John V Edition" T-shirt - celebrates the life of famed inventor and critical thinker Dr. John Vincent Atanasoff - is our first offering from this collection.  Dr. Atanasoff, the "Father Of The Digital Computer" is a proud graduate of the class of 1921 from Mulberry Senior High School (located in Polk County) - .  The digital computer is arguably the most important invention of any time period.  And the mind that designed it was schooled via Polk County's Public Education System. "You're Welcome"

The official release date is October 19, 2017 - commemorating the month and day Dr. Atanasoff was awarded the official "digital computer" patent from the Supreme Court ( October 19, 1973) -,_Inc._v._Sperry_Rand_Corp.  In an effort to preserve the memory of Dr. John Atanasoff and encourage Polk County's future inventors and great critical thinkers; Partial proceeds from each sell will assist in financing premier learning opportunities for dis-enfranchised youth that demonstrate an eagerness to explore the wonders of science and engineering. #FolkFromPolkOnTheMove #PhosFateCollection #SmartClothing 

"We are extremely excited about the release of this concept.  The work we can do with the monies raised will have a lasting effect on not just Polk County, Fl but the world.  We have a history of doing that" - Fred Jr - Lead Artist



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