Leon Vetrano Art Award

Leon Vetrano Art Award

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After further consideration, Folk From Polk Clothing & Merchandise has decided to mark all merchandise in the digital store as eligible for the “Leon Vetrano Art Award” fundraiser. Between the dates of 1/22/2018 - 2/2/2018, $5 from the sale of each T-shirt and hoodie will benefit the fundraiser. We are extremely excited to announce partnerships with PDQ, the fastest growing food brand in the country, and The City of Mulberry. Together, we plan to take the “Leon Vetrano Art Award” to new heights. We believe that a world without art education and artistic expression is a world devoid of light and love.

We, at Folk From Polk Clothing & Merchandise, are dedicated to using our brand to support the Arts and to do our part to ensure we never encounter that world. - Owner/Lead Artist - Fred Jr

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