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Leon Vetrano was the art teacher at Mulberry High School in the early ‘70s when he died suddenly of a heart attack at the young age of 38.

He was a very popular teacher not only at the school, but also within the community. His immense vitality and enthusiasm seemed to inspire everyone with whom he came in contact. His personality has often been described as one of perpetual motion.

Leon Vetrano loved art in all of its many forms. He loved creating art, teaching art, and sharing art.

Today, his legacy and memory are perpetual.

As a 1979 graduate of Mulberry High School, former art teacher and the recipient of the Leon Vetrano Art Award, I am proud to join with Fred Randall Jr., MHS class of ‘93, to promote the memory of Leon Vetrano on a Folk From Polk

The cost of the vintage style t-shirt is $25 and Up, with $5 of each sale going toward the perpetual Leon Vetrano fund. This fund was established shortly after his death by a group of teachers and community leaders, as well as the Vetrano family.

Since 1975, a member of the Vetrano family has attended Mulberry High School’s senior award ceremony to honor an outstanding senior artist with a monetary gift in Leon Vetrano’s name.

Join Fred and me in continuing this legacy by purchasing a vintage Leon Vetrano t-shirt from folkfrompolk@gmail.com. -- Lori Leverett

For additional Information contact:
Lori L. Leverett, Assistant Principal at Mulberry High School

or FolkFromPolk@gmail.com

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