Coilettes Inc Fundraiser

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[Click Image For Full Story]......Polk County, Florida's greatest treasure is the high-quality folks that have and continue to live within its borders.  The most prized jewels in the collection are the tiny residents that will call Polk County home for many moons to come. 

Therefore, if we are going to rebuild, it's vital that we start with the children.  With that being said, we are super excited to announce our fundraising collaboration with Coilettes, Inc.  From the month of March in honor of WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH, Folk From Polk Merchandise LLC will donate $5 per sale from all merchandise to help power Coilettes, Inc's mission in educating young ladies on the value in embracing their natural beauty.  Creating a custom color segue for the Coilettes, Inc. fundraiser is an awesome and humbling undertaking.  It provides our brand an opportunity to positively impact and nourish a mindset that will help cultivate the self-confidence and safety of our young ladies, today and tomorrow - Lead Artist - Fred Jr. | 

Coilettes, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with a mission to use art and educational platforms to encourage young girls between the ages of 3 - 12 years old to embrace their natural beauty.  More on Coilettes, Inc | 

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