We Love Our Teachers

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[Click Image For Full Story]...“Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.” (Colleen Wilcox)

The great majority of students regardless of their level of education has a favorite teacher.  Teachers often serve as surrogate parents and/or as the only positive role models a great deal of students ever come into contact with.  Teachers are often the first individuals to hear problems concerning sex, violence, drugs, and of course learning.   A quality teacher will serve as a compass capable of pointing an eager mind north on a journey of self discovery and enlightenment.  As a brand we are continuously looking for ways to celebrate and reward the pillars of our communities.

Without the assistance of "Polk County" based educators there would be no "Folk From Polk" of any sort.  In a small effort to say thanks and continue our mission of "community before profit", we are offering a 25% discount for all educators.  In the checkout section of the store enter promo code "Panther Country" to take advantage of this gift.  This discount will be available for as long as "Folk From Polk" Clothing and Merchandise is available.  The lessons learned will last for a lifetime.  The gratitude should last twice as long.  We Love Our Teachers....

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