Wealthy In People (RMWP Edition)

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[click image for full story]...The fight against cancer is a cause near and dear to our brand.  Personally assisting family members in this fight has afforded us an unfortunate firsthand account as to the financial, emotional, and physical hardships associated with battling this deadly disease.  Therefore, we are tremendously excited to announce our collaborative effort with trendsetting boutique "5th And Hall" - Lakeland, Fl - to raise funds and awareness for the "Cancer Research".

For the duration of October, ALL monies raised from the sale of our limited edition "Wealthy In People" long-sleeve concept will benefit the "Real Men Wear Pink" foundation ( www.RealMenWearPink.org ).  The "Real Men Wear Pink" foundation encourages men from all walks of life to get highly involved in the quest to rid the globe of breast cancer.  We would like to thank 5th And Hall, Lionel & Co Photography, Angels With Filthy Soles, and all parties involved with powering this campaign for a healthy and cancer free world.

There are over 200 different forms of Cancer.  We are doing our small part in the effort to make sure no human regardless or race, gender, or financial status suffer from this illness.  Join Us In Fight - Fred Jr (Lead Artist)    

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