About Us..

Folk From Polk Clothing & Merchandise LLC is a branding company specializing in the creation of "functional art" based on the people and places of Polk County, FL.  We officially opened our digital doors for business in 2017 due to a swell of enthusiasm for clothing and merchandise that developed from an inside joke among creative brothers. 

Clothing, hats, art prints, and murals are key elements of our diverse collection of art.  We are one of the few premier brands that stress the idea of using its art for the betterment of the community.  A great number of our concepts are based on things, places, and people of the past. However, we are dedicated to using our ideas as fuel to drive the culture in the direction that allows us to keep pace with the ever-changing world that exists around us.

Our lead Artist, Fred Jr, a native of Polk County, is in charge of our quality control; insisting that each concept, regardless of medium, be based on facts and moments that can be researched and discussed.  No fake concepts for the realest people on Earth - Fred Jr.  

Our target goal is that people not only feel comfortable and fabulous in our clothing and other items, but that the natives and residents are able to express the information that coincides with each creative piece.  Polk County has gotten a bad rep. We are going to change people's mind one piece at a time - Fred Jr. 

As a brand, we have produced numerous non-profit fundraising activities.  We have worked with a great number of schools ranging from elementary to high school. Our philanthropic work has afforded us the chance to team up with City of Mulberry and Hillsborough County on beautification and human rights projects.  The jewel of our working resume is our "365 Clothing Drive".  An unofficial happening that gathers 100s of lbs of clothing each year for the purpose of donation to international kinfolk in need, as well as Polk and Hillsborough County based organizations such as Young Lives Matter, Echo Of Brandon, and Metropolitan Ministries.    

The universe is full of clever creatives.  However, the thing that separates us from the pack is we're powered by true artists, Angels With Filthy Soles, not folks looking to make a quick flip off a T-shirt concept.  We produce items that speak to the culture of Polk County, Fl.  Every concept has a true/real emotion woven into every seam.  Buy the merchandise, learn the story, and feel the emotion.  A total experience.